New Spurs Women Podcast: N17 Women

A new podcast dedicated to Spurs Women called ‘N17 Women’ is now available on (near enough) all platforms.

N17 Women is a collaboration between four of us. Me, Rachel (who set up this site), Sian (Proud Lilywhites Women’s Team lead and co-presenter of the Proud Lilywhites podcast), Caroline (editor of Spurs Across the Pond and contributor to the Tottenham Depot podcast) and Abbie (who writes about Spurs Women for the fansite Cartilege Free Captain).

We got together becasue we are interested (borderline obsessed) with Spurs Women and want to convert other people to the cause.

All of us believe that supporting the women’s team and wanting to see it progress means not just being a cheerleader (although we are all that), but rather paying Spurs Women the same granular attention we accord Spurs Men. That means debating, arguing and getting stuck into nitty gritty discussions about what’s going well, where things are less good or even just plain odd.

We’re planning to include game recaps, tactical analysis, team talk, transfer gossip and whatever else comes up. Probably every now and again looking at the relationship between Spurs men’s team and Spurs Women. We’ll also sometimes focus on the WSL or women’s football more widely.

Since Caroline and Abbie are based in the US and watch most games on the FA Player, while Rachel and Sian are UK-based Season Ticket holders who also attend lots of away games, we’ll be looking at the fan experience for those both near and far from N17 (and yes, we realise the team isn’t actually going to be playing in N17 very often – yet).

As the season goes on we’ll get in guests – other Spurs fans, but also fans from opposing teams and (fingers crossed) some of those involved in Spurs Women.

None of us have produced a podcast before and for the first episodes we’ll be getting to grips with the technical stuff and figuring out what works best. So expect a less-than-polished beginning. But we hope to iron out the glitches pretty quickly and become fun, even essential, listen for the growing Spurs Women’s support.

You can subscribe wherever you get your podcasts. Just search ‘N17 Women’.

If you have any problems accessing the podcast or if you have suggestions for things to talk about, or want to come on to discuss a particular topic, get in touch: You can also find us on twitter @N17women.

One Reply to “New Spurs Women Podcast: N17 Women”

  1. Hi folks,
    I’ve been a Spurs fan since 1970, and although I’ve kept an eye on the development of our women’s team over the last few years, I’ve not seen much more than a few highlights of previous games.
    However the recent EURO tournament has changed all that, thanks to the excellent BBC coverage I watched the majority of matches, not just England, and enjoyed a lot of them.
    So now I’m determined to be much more involved in watching our Spurs women, thankfully SpursPlay will showing a lot of women’s games which will help, plus a few on BBC I hope.
    Anyway I know little about our current squad, so this podcast has really helped me to start filling in the gaps. While listening I had our team squad info up so I could see who you were referring to.
    I agree that the club could be doing more to tap in to the post-Euros interest on social media. however there is a fair bit of content on SpursPlay, including highlights from last season’s WSL games, so I have plenty of homework to do before the new season starts!
    I look forward to chatting with you and other Spurs Women
    fans on Twitter, you can find me there @GrumpyGit2021.


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