If you’re just getting into women’s football and looking around for more content on or analysis of Spurs Women games this page highlights some good bits.


There is a new podcast dedicated to Spurs Women: N17 Women. This is currently being released on an irregular basis but will be more regular once the new season begins and there is more analyse!

There’s also a growing number of WSL-focused podcasts. A lot are produced and presented by people with a long-term committment to the women’s game. They are variably ‘professional’, but all of those listed here are worth a listen.

Podcasts that include regular WSL match analysis.

The following podcasts come out regularly and include match analysis for the WSL (and cup) games. Many include current and ex-players to provide flavour. They tend to spend most time on the ‘top’ teams (Chelsea, Arsenal, ManCity and ManU) sometimes only cursorily discussing Spurs Women. But as we get more established, hopefully that will change!

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Longer podcast reviews coming soon

PLP, The Official Proud Lilywhites Podcast covers Spurs men’s and women’s teams. It’s not weekly, but quite frequent and regularly has Spurs Women players and ex-players as guests.

Podcasts focused on broader issues in women’s football.

Since 71 covers the world of women’s football. It comes out irregularly but explores interesting topics. Burn it all down has a wider remit, only sometimes examining football, but is an insightful and knowledgeable feminist sports podcast, so worth a listen.

Spurs Podcasts (mostly focusing on the men’s team but with occasional SpursWomen content)

Hometown Glory is a Spurs podcast with regular coverage of Spurs Women and all things Spurs culture and fandom. Discussion of the women’s team is helpfullly time-stamped so you can skip to these sections if you want.

Longer list coming soon!


The place to start is of course the Officlal Spurs Website. This includes player and coach bios, the league table, short news stories and a brief history of THWFC. You can also find a link to buy tickets for home games (the Watch Spurs Women page has more info on attending games).

Womenssoccerfans has a great collection of Spurs Women matchday blogs, charting pretty much every game since the end of 2019 in quite a lot of detail as well as a fair amount of other stuff. Current reports are included on this site, but the full set is at the author archive.

In addition check out these sites:

Most main national newspapers now have a women’s football correspondent (has been just one – though this is increasing post-Euros!). It’s great that they have this, but it does mean that what’s covered and the range of voices is fairly limited and there’s rarely debate or discussion (because that would mean the sole correspondent arguing with themselves). That said, the feed on the right-hand sidebar provides links to recent Spurs Women-related news stories. You can also find Spurs stuff in local papers (e.g. Hackney Gazette).

This is just for starters – if you have suggestions of things to add here, get in touch.