Welcome back Ashleigh Neville

Following a three game suspension Ashleigh Neville re-found her rhythm in the game against Manchester United (despite a frustrating 1-2 loss).

With the winter break and postponed games, a three game suspension had extended for a month and a half, so it felt like it had been a long time since we had seen Ashleigh Neville in full flow. Her first game back had been the FA Cup 5-0 win against London City Lionesses and then she played in the 2-3 defeat to Chelsea. These were the first glimpses of her on the pitch alongside Beth England and Mana Iwabuchi. And what we saw looked promising. But she still seemed a little below her best.

In the game against Manchester United at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, we again saw the Ashleigh Neville we had seen at the start of the season. She was everywhere – tackling, heading the ball out of danger, progressing the ball and creating chances. And all the while doing those little flicks, backheels and tricks that are one of the many reason Spurs fans love her.

What has become increasingly clear is how well she combines with other more creative players, notably Beth, Drew and Mana in this game, but also Celin in the LCL game, when she played on the same wing as her. As the club recruits more of these players there is every reason to believe that we will see more of the creative, fun Ashleigh Neville.

That Ash has committed to the club is one of the big reasons to be optimistic about the future of Spurs Women. And definitely a reason to keep coming to watch the team.

This is a compilation of some of the good bits.

One Reply to “Welcome back Ashleigh Neville”

  1. It was indeed good to see her back, and I really hope we see Kit in the team soon as well as we def need her prowess and ruthlessness play style to try bag some much needed points. We have a core beginning of a good solid team who we must try hold on to (assuming we are not relegated) and Nev is one of maybe 7/8 (Nev Graham Bartrip Zardorsky Spence England Celin and Mana if possible but I do think Zadorsky will go when her partner Ayanne is moved on). Many if not all of the rest are simply not good enough to sustain any sort of top 4 challenge – sorry but we need a full and total overhaul including a change of manager and some current contracts cancelled. I just do not think RS can get us to the next level with the players she finds and signs. How is it that Man Utd’s Skinner has built a top 4 side in the same time RS has been at Spurs … why did we not go find these same players or are we saying their brand is better than ours?


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