Looking Ahead: Spurs Women End of Season Fan Survey Results (Part 3)

This is the third part of our report on the Spurs Fan Survey. If you want more on this season, check out Part 1 (scoring the players) and Part 2 (player awards).

In this part we look at what fans said they wanted for the future. It’s based on some free-text questions where people could write whatever they wanted.

Summer Priorities

Asked what is the most important thing for Spurs to do over the coming summer if we are to be ready to challenge next year, fans repeatedly said the same thing: we need a striker who scores goals. A word-cloud of what fans said is below. The larger the word the more times it was used. The size of the words ‘Striker’ and ‘Forward’ (along with attacking, goalscorer and versions of these) highlights what the priority is for most fans. We were consistently under-achieving our xG this year and, as outlined in a recent blog, we need more goals. So this is not a surprise.

Word Cloud showing frequency of words in the responses to the question about what we need next season.

You can also see words like ‘quality’ and ‘options’. These tended to come from comments in which fans reflected on the need to build a deeper squad, especially but not only at the front. Some mentioned the importance of ‘depth’ and improving our ‘bench’, even if this requires a bit of a clear out.

Hopes for next season

When asked what they were looking forward to next season most fans talked about wanting to see the team ‘continuing to progress’, for instance, ‘growth and taking us to the next level’, ‘improving on this season’, ‘seeing us continue to develop and improve’. A number of fans specified what that means: ‘trying to break into the top 4’ or ‘challenging the top 3’ or ‘qualifying for Europe’.

For a few fans it was key that we ‘continue the consistency’ we found this year, while also learning ‘from this season i.e. hanging onto leads, not missing so many opportunities.’

For a few fans the goals for next season are more specific, for instance for a few people it’s ‘Beating Arsenal!’ or ‘Finally beating the Gooners’ that matters most. While others are looking for a ‘Good cup run’. Some fans focused on particular players: ‘the return of Kit and Ria’, or ‘seeing Ash Neville (hopefully) stay in her new attacking role’.

Others were excited about ‘summer signings’, ‘new recruits’ and the ‘squad improving’ but also ‘looking forward to how [the players] gel again next season’.

And finally, there are some fans who are simply excited about ‘everything’ for the next season or, put differently, ‘games starting again – going to really miss them over the summer!’

Increasing Support for Spurs Women

The final question in the survey asked fans what kind of fan-led activities they think would increase engagement with and support for Spurs Women. Responses here were quite varied and included things that the club could do, but also things that fans or supporters groups could coordinate themselves.

Club organised activities

Quite a few suggestions about what Spurs might do relate to coordination with the men’s team, but there were also suggestions about ways that the club could better support and help grow the at-game support.

  • Player meet and greet (maybe just before the season)
  • Travel for away games
  • Home fixtures not clashing with the men’s
  • More events at the stadium to encourage more fans of the mens team to also watch the women, many occasions when mens international break could mean the full focus of the club social media and fans aimed at growing the support for the womens team.
  • Engage with season ticket holders of the men’s
  • More matches at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium (or a stadium nearer to that)
  • Music entertainment at the Hive, maybe AR interactive, food and drink at the far stand.

Fan organised actvities.

A lot of suggestions on what fans (and fans groups) might do focus the need to generate a ‘better atmosphere at the games’, while others are about coordiation between fans, and producing more Spurs women fan-created content.

  • A few more songs for individual players – Chelsea even give out song sheets before matches and every player has a song
  • Fan produced supporter material (flags, badges, etc)
  • A more active supporters club
  • Supporter gathers (meet-ups) before the game – or informal coordination for away games
  • Videos about the matchday experience from a fan perspective
  • A fan podcast dedicated to Spurs Women.

Hopefully, with a summer to regroup and prepare, we will start to see some of these fan-focused activities from both the club and from fans by the time the 2022/3 season starts.

If, however, you have additional ideas, but also if you have suggestions for songs for any of our players, or design suggestions for badges, or want to suggest any activities or share content, get in touch via the comments below.

That’s it for results from the Spurs Women End of Season Fan Survey. Thanks again to everyone who took the time to fill it in and leave comments. And of course to all of those involved in Spurs Women, without whom none of this would happen

If you haven’t already seen the other results of the survey you can check them out: Part 1 (ratings) and Part 2 (awards).

And if you are a Spurs Women fan and are interested in writing something for this site, get in touch. Don’t have to be a ‘writer’, just a fan!

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