We’re Back – and it’s a new old Spurs

Freewheeling, high-scoring, clean-sheet maintaining.

What’s not to love?

We’ll add a full match report soon, but for now this collates video of the four goals from the victory over Brighton that put us a point off of third place in the WSL.

What’s especially notable is how many different members of the team played critical parts in making and scoring these goals – a fantastic team effort.

Goal 1:

Molly Bartrip’s defence-destroying long ball and Kyah Simon’s lovely chip over the keeper

Goal 2:

Ria Percival’s inch perfect pass and Ashleigh Neville’s glorious finish

Goal 3:

Ria Percival’s free kick to the far post, Rachel Williams’ headed cross, Eve Summanen’s shot and Shelina Zadorsky’s follow up.

Goal 4:

Maeve Clemaron’s strong run and side pass, Ashleigh Neville’s ridiculous ball-collection-come-turn and cross and Kyah Simon’s well-timed run to finish

In case you’re wondering what was up with Rachel Williams, who somehow didn’t manage to get on the scoresheet – below is evidence of how much she was doing all over the pitch to make this result happen.

And below you can see the boss’s reaction to a very good day of work.

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